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Dec 4th - tps&i Extension Course Five – Where are Social and Digital New Media Taking Us? [Toronto Psychoanalytic Society & Institute]
Dec 4th - Book Launch: Understanding and Coping with Failure: Psychoanalytic Perspectives [Caversham Booksellers, TICP and Routledge]
Dec 10th - Authority & Irrationality: Leadership in Social Justice | Group Relations Conference [Bureau Kensington, Inc and the Parkdale Activity and Recreation Centre]
Dec 23rd - Christmas Day, Boxing Day closed [the legislators of statutory holidays]
Jan 1st - New Year's Day holiday [the legislators of statutory holidays]
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Conference Lists
Conference Lists
11th Annual South-West Region 0-6 Children's Menta
11th Annual Stephen Mitchell Memorial Lecture: Con
123rd American Psychological Association Annual Co
14th Annual Canadian Energy Psychology Conference:
14th Annual International Energy Psychology Confer
15th Annual Canadian Energy Psychology Conference:
165th Annual Meeting - American Psychiatric Assoc
166th Annual Meeting | San Francisco
167th Annual Meeting | New York, NY
16th Annual Better Workplace Conference 2012
16th Annual Canadian Energy Psychology Conference:
17th Annual Better Workplace Conference 2013: A Co
18th Annual Day in Applied Psychoanalysis — STRANG
19th International Congress for Analytical Psychol
2012 POGO Multi-Disciplinary Symposium on Childhoo
2013 EXTENDED SPECIAL SERIES: Clinical Understandi
2013 SVN Annual Conference: 'Connecting the Dots':
2015 OPA Annual Conference
29th CINP World Congress of Neuropsychopharmacolog
2nd Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology
39th ATPPP Scientific Session: Traumatic Attachmen
3rd Annual Mental Health Symposium
41st ATPPP Scientific Session – Therapeutic Approa
42nd ATPPP Scientific Session – When the Patient N
4th Annual Addiction Symposium
4th annual CACBT-ACTCC meeting, Halifax, NS, Canad
4th Annual Neuroplasticity: Brain Health and Envir
64th Annual Workshops and Scientific Session
65th Annual Workshops and Scientific Session: 'Hyp
67th Annual Convention of the Ontario Psychologica
6th Annual Addiction Symposium
73rd Annual CPA Convention
74e Congrès des Psychanalystes de Langue Française
75th Annual CPA Convention
8th Annual Risk & Recovery Forensic Conference
8th Critical Multicultural Counselling and Psychot
On Display at 8th CMP Conference
ABCT 48th Annual Convention | Philadelphia, PA
ABCT 49th Annual Convention| Chicago, IL
ABCT 50th Annual Convention | New York City
ABCT's 47th Annual Convention - Cognitive and Beha
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Workshop w
Acceptance & Commitment Therapy: A Practical Intro
A cognitive approach to the treatment of OCD: Beyo
A Day for New Therapists: Six Keys to a Successful
Addressing Stuck Places in EFT Couples Therapy: A
ADHD Research into Practice: A Global View
Adolescent Depression: Knowing the Signs - An Asse
Adult ADHD: A Strength-Based Strategy for a Hidden
AFCC 51st Annual Conference: Navigating the Waters
Afternoon Discussion Series - 'The Delicate Dance
A Life-Span Perspective of Trauma and Resilience:
Analysts Listening to Analysts
Anchor in the Storm: A harm reduction & trauma-inf
A New Approach to Treating Substance Misuse and Ot
Annual Day in Psychoanalysis - Envy: Normal and Pa
Anxiety Disorders: Recognizing & Treating the Emer
Anxiety in Mid-Life: The Development and Recovery
Anxiety Traps!: CBT Antidotes - Vancouver
Anxiety Traps!: CBT Antidotes - Ottawa
Anxiety Traps! CBT Antidotes
APA 09 Caversham Features
APA 168th Annual Meeting | Toronto
APA Division 39 2013 Spring Meeting: Global Psycho
A Psychoanalyst’s Gift: Lillian Malcove as Collect
Aspects of the Masculine
Assessing and Treating Higher Cognitive Deficits i
Association of Psychoanalytic Workgroups: On Desir
On Desire
ATPPP 37th SCIENTIFIC SESSION - Tracking Patient T
ATPPP 38th SCIENTIFIC SESSION: Listening Closely:
Attachment - Cradle to Grave: Intimate and interac
'Attention Difference Disorder': Unwrapping the Gi
Authority & Irrationality: Leadership in Social Ju
Bad Faith
Best Practices: CBT for Depression & Suicide [Otta
2013 Christine Padesky Workshops
Best Practices: CBT for Depression & Suicide [Toro
Best Practices: CBT for Depression & Suicide [Vanc
Best Practices: CBT for Depression & Suicide [Vanc
Beyond Addiction: A two-day training for or profes
Beyond the Basics: Integrating New “Best Practice
Beyond the Basics in EFT: Dealing with Challenges
Beyond Words: Attachment, Trauma and Implicit Comm
Bion in a Nutshell (Extension Course Three)
Book Launch, Loneliness and Longing: Conscious and
Book Launch: Art Therapy and Postmodernism: Creati
Book Launch: A Still Small Voice: Psychoanalytic R
Book Launch: Attention Difference Disorder®: How t
Book Launch: Innovations in Narrative Therapy: Con
Book Launch: Interracial Couples, Intimacy, and Th
Book Launch: Living with Mild Cognitive Impairmen
Book Launch: The Compassion Fatigue Workbook
Book Launch: The Social Worker: A Novel
Book Launch: Transsexuality and the Art of Transit
Book Launch: Understanding and Coping with Failure
Book Launch: What is PTSD?
Brain Basics: Applications for Mental Health Pract
BREAKING THE SOUND BARRIER: A workshop on speaking
Brief Treatment with Challenging Adolescents
Buddha’s Brain: Strengthening the Neural Foundatio
Buried in Treasures: The Nature and Treatment of
Buried in Treasures: The Nature and Treatment of C
CACAP Annual Review Course
2013 CACAP Annual Review Course
CACAP's 34th Annual Meeting — Learning and Educat
Calming the Emotional Storm: Using DBT to Help You
Calming the Emotional Storm: Using DBT to Help You
CAMH Education Clinical Day 2014
CAMH Summer Training Institute: CBT Essentials for
CAMT Conference 2012: Avant-Garde
Canada Day
Canadian Domestic Violence Conference 3: New Direc
CDN DV Conference 3 - 2013 display
Canadian Youth Justice Conference
CANCELLED Non-Traditional Parenting Interventions:
CANCELLED Where Do I Start? An Individual Skill Bu
Care4You: The Fourth Annual Conference on Compassi
On Display at Compassion Fatigue Conference
CAST Canada Grounding Trauma 2013
Castration depression: signal affect and/or depre
CCPA 2012 Annual Conference: Reflecting on Self an
CCPA 2013 Annual Conference
CCPA 2015 Annual Conference
Celebrating 40 Years of Music Therapy Across the L
Certified Compassion Fatigue Therapist: The Accel
CGPA 2014 National Conference: Resilience - Bounci
CGPA 2014 Titles
Changing the Couch: Disruptions On and Behind a Ne
Child Development and Learning Conference
Children, Families, and Trauma: A Relational Appro
Christmas Day, Boxing Day closed
Clifford Scott’s Concept of Self-Envy
Closed Sunday, June 29th
Closed Sunday Jan 25th - Inventory
Closed Sunday Jan 27th - Inventory
CMHA National Conference 2013 - Changing Perspecti
CNPC inaugural conference: The Freudian Legacy Tod
Coaching Intensive for Professionals
Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for Anxiety
Cognitive Behavioural Insomnia Therapy for Those w
Cognitive Behavioural Treatment of Health Anxiety
Cognitive Therapy for Depression: Maximizing Succe
Collaboration in Action: 13th Canadian Collaborati
Colour Symbolism
Compassion Focused Therapy: Moving Beyond Cognitiv
Conversations on the Margins: Therapeutic Change,
Core Tasks of Psychotherapy: What “Expert” Psycho
Counselling Children and Families with Complex Nee
Couples and Relationship Educational Symposium (CA
CPA 62nd Annual Conference
CPA 63rd Annual Conference
CPA 64th Annual Conference
CPA 2014 Titles on Display
CPA 65th Annual Conference
CPS 36th AGM Titles
CPS 38th Annual Congress: Dreams That Turn a Page
CPS 39th Annual Congress: States of Mind, States o
Creating Community - CAPT's very first Annual Conf
Creating Healthy Relationships to Prevent Bullying
Cultivating Co-Regulation with Traumatized Adolesc
Cultivating Presence: A Weekend Retreat of Mindful
Cultivating Presence and Resiliency: Therapeutic R
Cultivating Presence and Resiliency: THERAPEUTIC R
Cultivating Presence CD Release & Therapeutic Pres
Cultivating Presence & Self Care: THERAPEUTIC RHYT
Cultivating Therapeutic Presence: A Weekend Retrea
Cumulative Abuse Traumatization (TPS Scientific Me
D.W. Winnicott Revises Psychoanalysis, 1945-1971
DBT Made Simple: Practical Applications for Work w
DBT Made Simple 2013
Dealing with Grief: Mindfulness and Resilience-Bas
Deans Family “Guest Speaker Event”
Depression, Anxiety, and Other Related Disorders:
Developing Talents: Achieving Meaningful Careers f
Developing Your Personal Approach to Supervision:
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: A Workshop for Dire
Dinner with Goebbels - a play by Mark Leith
Diversity Practices in Toronto and in Nairobi
Doing The Work - Rural and Remote
Doing The Work 2013: Rural & Remote Settings
Don't Panic: How to Handle Your Anxious Clients
Drugs: A Community Dialogue with Dr. Gabor Maté
DSM-5 in Action: Application, Assessment, and Trea
Easter Weekend
Effective Clinical Assessments and Therapeutic Int
EFT Dig In ~ Ottawa, Canada
EFT Level One Summer Institute
EFT level Two Summer Institute
Embodying the Artist/Warrior: Hakomi visits Archet
EMDR: Interweaving Old and New | EMDR Canada 2014
Emotion-focused Couples (EFT-C) Institute 2013
Emotion-Focused Couples (EFT-C) Institute 2013
Emotion-Focused Summer Institutes 2013
Emotion-focused therapy for Couples Institute
Emotion-Focused Therapy Level One Training for Gra
Emotional Communication and Attunement in Couples
Engagement and Enactment: A Clinical Workshop
Engaging Traumatized Clients - Montreal
Engaging Traumatized Clients who avoid attachment,
Engaging Traumatized Clients who Avoid Attachment,
Enhancing Cognition and Function in Older Patients
Envisioning Wellness: Creating Targeted Hypnotic S
Essentials of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: A 30-S
Evening Lecture followed by a Question & Answer Pe
Everything You Wanted to Know about Adolescent Dep
Experiential Sandplay Workshop: Let Your Hands Be
EXTENDED Extension Program Special Series - Clinic
Extension Program,·Course Four: Me, Not-Me, Mine,
Extension Program,·Course Five: Reading Lacan
Extension Program,·Course Six: Understanding the P
Extension Program,·Course Seven: Psychoanalytic Un
Extension Program,·Course Eight: Psychoanalytic Id
Extension Program,·Course Three Cinema and Psychoa
Extension Program Course Two: Bion in a Nutshell
Extension Program Course One: Lacan Unpacked
Eye Movement Integration Level 1 Certification: Ov
Face your Fears: Conducting Exposure Therapy for P
Face your Fears: Conducting Exposure Therapy for P
Family Day holiday Monday closed
Family Restructuring Therapy: Working with High-Co
Fine-Tuning Mindfulness with Neuroscience: Promise
First Congress on the Construction of Personal Mea
Forgiveness and Healing: Applications in Clinical
Four-Day CBT Certification in the Treatment of Anx
Freud on Religion: “What’s Love Got to Do with It?
From Normal Multiplicity to Traumatic Dissociation
Fundamentals of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (FPP)
Fundamentals of Therapeutic Play
Genders Now, Gender Then, and a Thought on Sex: TI
Getting Grounded: An experiential workshop for dir
Good Grief: Working Well with Our Clients' Grief..
GPPA 27th Annual Conference: Emerging Trends in Ps
Grounding Trauma 2012: Connecting New Science with
Grounding Trauma 2013: Direction, Tools and Hope
Grounding Trauma 2013 CAST Canada
Group Therapy: Dynamics and Essential Skills
Handel’s Enchanting Alcina
Hard-Wiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of La
Healing the Angry Brain: Changing the Brain & Beha
Healthy Relationships
Helping People Navigate Life Transitions
Helping the Anxious Client: CBT Strategies that Re
Hold Me Tight: The Practice of EFT ~ Montreal, Can
How to be miserable
How to Work with Dissociative Clients: Handling Re
IFPE 23rd Annual Conference
IFPE's 25th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference: N
Improving Psychotherapy Supervision Effectiveness:
Improving Treatment Through Proper Diagnosis: The
Information Night — Training Program in Child & Ad
Innovations in Working with Trauma, Violence, & Op
INS 40th Annual Meeting
INS special spring 2012
Internal Attachment Relationships: Overcoming Alie
International Association of Forensic Mental Healt
International Sándor Ferenczi Conference ~ Confére
Ferenczi Conference 2015
Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy: Psychothe
Interpersonal Neurobiology with Innovative Therape
Inviting the Muse: Inspiration and Creativity
ISIS Canada information session
It's the Law: Confidentiality, Record-Keeping, Agg
It's the Law: Confidentiality, Record-Keeping, Agg
It’s the Law: What Every Therapist and Counsellor
Jung, Archetypes and Crop Circles
Labour Day - Monday Civic Holiday
Lacan Unpacked, Part A - Introduction to Lacan for
Lacan Unpacked, Part B - Topics in Contemporary La
Lacan Unpacked (Extension Course Two)
Learning from Therapeutic Relationships in Film: E
Legal Essentials for Professionals in Human & Heal
Life Lessons from the Memory Clinic: a Social Work
Listening, Dreaming, Sharing: On the Use of the An
Live Your Best Life, Be Your Best Self
Loving Children When They Most Need You: Construct
Mad Pride Toronto 2012: A Celebration of Madness
Making Trauma Therapy Safer and More Effective: Th
Managing High Conflict Personalities in Divorce an
Managing the High-Stress, High-Conflict Workplace
Managing Your Compassion Fatigue: What's New? What
Meaning and Jouissance: The Question of Interpreta
Mild Cognitive Impairment: Finding a New Path to T
Mindfulness-based Group Practice Workshops : A six
Mindfest 2014 | Participate • Educate • Celebrate
Mindfulness, Breath & Authentic Voice in the Hakom
Mindfulness, Comopassion, and Modern Psychology in
Mindfulness, Wisdom, and Compassion in Psychothera
Mindfulness-Integrated CBT: Principles and Practic
Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Mindfulness and Affect Regulation Approaches to Tr
Mindfulness and Beyond: Essential Clinical Skills
Mindfulness and Compassion Focused Therapy Worksho
Mindfulness and Compassion Focused Therapy 2013
Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Core Skills Training
Mindful Self-Compassion Training
Motivational Interviewing for Anxiety and Depressi
Motivational Interviewing: Dancing vs. Wrestling
Of Interest at Marilyn Herie Workshop
Mourning the Dead, Mourning the Disappeared: The E
Mutual Aid Support Groups: Engaging clients in gro
Narrative Conversations with men about perpetratin
Narrative Short Stories: Single Session & Beyond
Narrative Therapy With Children, Young People and
National Healthcare Practitioners' Mental Health C
Neuroplasticity and the Brain: 3rd Annual Assistiv
Neuroscience in Action: Designing Multisensory Int
New Approaches to Treating Traumatic Memory: Reme
New Developments in the Treatment of Complex Traum
New Directions in Child and Adolescent Trauma Trea
Victoria Day - Monday holiday
A Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy®: A
Relational Life Training with Terry Real
EXTENDED Extension Program Special Series - Clinic
Perspectives in Mental Health Care 2012: Practical
EXTENDED Extension Program Special Series - Clinic
EXTENDED Extension Program Special Series - Clinic
Extension Program Course One: Lacan Unpacked
The Second Half of Life: the View from Here
Engaging Traumatized Clients - Toronto
Child Development and Learning Conference
Mindfulness and Beyond: Essential Clinical Skills
2013 EXTENDED SPECIAL SERIES: Clinical Understandi
2013 EXTENDED SPECIAL SERIES: Clinical Understandi
2013 EXTENDED SPECIAL SERIES: Clinical Understandi
2013 EXTENDED SPECIAL SERIES: Clinical Understandi
2013 EXTENDED SPECIAL SERIES: Clinical Understandi
2013 EXTENDED SPECIAL SERIES: Clinical Understandi
2013 EXTENDED SPECIAL SERIES: Clinical Understandi
2013 EXTENDED SPECIAL SERIES: Clinical Understandi
Getting Grounded: An experiential workshop for dir
Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for Anxiety
Psychological Trauma Workshop
International Conference on Eating Disorders
Afternoon Discussion Series - 'The Delicate Dance
Afternoon Discussion Series - 'The Delicate Dance
Cultivating Presence & Self Care: THERAPEUTIC RHYT
Cultivating Presence & Self Care: THERAPEUTIC RHYT
Cultivating Presence & Self Care: THERAPEUTIC RHYT
Cultivating Presence & Self Care: THERAPEUTIC RHYT
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: A Workshop for Dire
Relational Life Certification Training with Terry
New Year's Day holiday
Non-Traditional Parenting Interventions: The Impac
Non-Verbal Awareness: weekend workshop
OACCPP 35th Annual Conference & AGM: Evolving Para
OACCPP 36th Annual Conference & AGM
OAFM AGM & Pre-Conference Seminar 2014
OASW Social Work Provincial Conference: Innovation
Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders: Changi
Obsessive-Compuslive Disorder: From Neuroscience t
Sunnybrook OCD Display 2013
Old Age and the Soul’s Process | Seminar
Ontario Psychological Association 66th Annual Conv
OPA Annual Meeting: From Integration to Collaborat
OPA Psychotherapy Section's 2013 Fall Conference
Ottawa High Conflict Forum Children at Risk: New
Our Families' Faces | 5th Annual General Conferenc
AFCC Ontario 2013
PAMA 3rd Annual Regional Meeting: When the Artist’
PAMA Toronto 2013
Personal Experience - Goldmine or Landmine?: A 2 D
Personal Experience - Goldmine or Landmine?
Perspectives in Mental Health Care 2012: Practical
Phase 1 & 2 Brainspotting
Poiesis Journal Launch: The Work of Art and the Wa
Psychoanalysis and Cinema: Intimate Strangers, Lov
Psychological Trauma Workshop
Psychopharmacology and Mental Health Practice for
Ramsay Talks
Reconstructing Mental Health Systems: Alternatives
Rekindling Desire: Assessment, Treatment, and Rel
Relational Life Certification Training with Terry
Relational Life Training with Terry Real
Rethinking Couples Therapy: A Radical Approach to
Rhythms of Recovery: Utilizing Complementary Medic
Sand, Water and Silence: Introduction to Jungian S
SCIENTIFIC MEETING: Canary in the Mind: The Fate o
Self-Compassion and Emotional Resilience
Self-Compassion in Clinical Practice: an evening w
SEPI XXX ANNUAL MEETING - Psychotherapy Integratio
Sex and Religion in a Time of Repression
Sexual Attitudes Reassessment (SAR) Workshop
SFBTA 2013 Conference on Solution-Focused Practice
SFBTA 2013
Shame and Silence: Addressing the Stigma of Mental
SSPC 2013 Toronto
Shame and the Treatment of Trauma
Short and Sweet
Simcoe Day - Monday Civic Holiday
Single Session Therapy (SST)
Smart But Scattered: Beyond the Basics in Interve
Smart But Scattered: Executive Dysfunction at Hom
Speaking Psychoanalytically: The Unconscious at Wo
Special Extension Program Group – Infant, Child an
Special Extension Program Group – What’s Happening
Special Extension Program Workshop – Infant/Child/
Special Extension program Series – Talking About S
Special Extension Program Seminars – Infant Observ
Special Extension Program Seminars – Group A – Sup
Special Extension Program Seminars – Group B – Sup
Special Extension Program Seminars – Me, Not Me; M
Special Extension Program Group – Supervision of C
SPECIAL TPS PRESENTATION: Lacan's Universes of Dis
Stabilization Skills in the Treatment of Complex D
Stop Overreacting: Effective Strategies for Calmin
Stop the Backtalk; Five Steps to Stopping Disrespe
Strategic Family Therapy: Compassionate Strategies
Strength-Based Leadership: a positive approache fo
Strengthened by the Storm
Strengths-Based CBT: Show Me! • Ottawa
Strengths-Based CBT: Show Me! • Toronto
Strengths-Based CBT: Show Me! • Vancouver
Stress, Resilience, and Mental Health: What We Lea
Supervision: Dynamics and Essential Skills
Survive and Thrive in Private Practice!
Tailoring the Practice to the Person: Deepening Mi
Talking Back to Bullying: Knowledge to Build Resil
Taos Institute 20th Anniversary Celebration - Soci
Techniques of Grief Therapy: Creative Practices f
Thanksgiving - Monday holiday
The 10 Best-Ever Anxiety Management Techniques
The 10 Best-Ever Anxiety Management Techniques
The 10 Best-Ever Depression Management Techniques
The 10 Best-Ever Depression Management Techniques
The 2nd International Conference of Metacognitive
The 63rd Annual Workshops and Scientific Program o
The 7th Biennial International Meaning Conference
The Art of Persuasion: Changing the Mind on OCD
The Attachment Puzzle
The Better Workplace Conference 2014 | Health, Wor
The Cultivation of Therapeutic Presence with Mindf
The Eleusinian Mysteries
The Freud Café
The Freud Cafe: Freud’s Civilization and Its Disco
The Freud Cafe: Hostile and Malignant Prejudice: O
The Freud Cafe: Oedipus, Aristotle, and Freud
The GPS of Family Law... The Road Not Taken
The High Conflict Forum 9th Annual Symposium - Par
2014 High Conflict Forum on Display
High Conflict Forum
The intersubjective-systems theory : a radical par
The Joy of Gender: Counselling Transgender Clients
The Legacy & Biology of Abuse
The New Rules of Marriage: A Relational Life Ther
The New Science of Love and Bonding: Creating Conn
The Polyvagal Theory: The Physiology of Love and S
The Processes of Defense: Trauma, Drives, and Real
The Psychology of Performance
The Psychophysiology of Self-Regulation:3 Core Ski
The Psychophysiology of Self-Regulation: 3 Core Sk
The Psychophysiology of Trauma: Therapist Skills f
The Psychotherapy Relationship, the “Dialogue of U
Therapeutic Presence: Strengthening Your Foundatio
Therapeutic Writing: A one-day workshop on reflect
The Relevance of the Body, Sex, Money, and Intra-P
The Second Annual Compassion Fatigue Conference
The Second Half of Life: the View from Here
The Still Small Voice: Psychoanalytic Reflections
The Teenage Brain, Under Construction
The Ten Best Ever Anxiety Treatment Strategies
The War on Eros
Thriving Through Transition with Presence: A Weeke
Through The Eye of a Needle: Impasses In Treatment
TICP Conference with Stephen Seligman, D.M.H.
TICP Fall 2012 Conference: A Day with Nancy McWill
TICP Fall 2013 Conference: A Day with Michael Eige
TICP Spring 2013 Conference - Meaning, Mortality a
TICP Winter 2012 Conference: The Annual Stephen Mi
TIST: A Four-Day Training for Treating Addictive,
Tomorrow Does Not Exist: A one day workshop on tra
Toronto Addis Ababa Psychiatry Project (TAAPP) Glo
Toronto Psychopharmacology Update Day 14th annual
TPS 16th Annual Day in Psychoanalysis - In the Cli
TPS&I ANNUAL SPRING Party - 'Jazz Cocktail Party'
tps&i Extension Course Course Four – Basic Klein
tps&i Extension Course Eight – Psychoanalytic Unde
tps&i Extension Course Five – Where are Social and
tps&i Extension Course Nine – Some Psychoanalytic
tps&i Extension Course Seven – High Risk Infant-Mo
tps&i Extension Course Six – Reading Lacan
tps&i Extension Course Ten – Bion in a Nutshell
tps&i Extension Course Three – Psychoanalysis and
tps&i Extension Course Two – Through the Eye of a
Transforming Anger: Tending the Fire
Translating Neurobiology for Clinical Practice in
Trauma, Addiction and Today's Frontline Work: Maki
Trauma, Drives, and Reality: A New Integration of
'Trauma, Repetition, Affect, Negotiation: Paul Rus
Trauma, The Body and Front-line Work: Direction, T
Trauma, Violence and Recovery: Risk and Resilience
Trauma-Informed Body-Centred Interventions
Trauma-Informed Stabilization Treatment: Treating
Trauma and the Body: 4 Key Somatic Skills to Suppo
Trauma Informed Human Services: Create better poli
Trauma Talks: Advancing Cultural Understandings in
Trauma Talks: Advancing the Dialogue on Trauma-Inf
Treating Depression: From Action-Based CBT to Acce
Treating Obsessive-Compulsive Spectrum Disorders
Treating Trauma-Related Dissociation: Practical Ap
CTSACT 2013 Kathy Steele
Tribute to the Life and Work of Elisabeth Young-Br
Understanding and Supporting Children with Obsessi
Understanding and Treating OCD, Perfectionism, and
Understanding Relationship Dynamics Through the Le
Understanding the Psychological Effects of Digital
Up and Down the Worry Hill: User-Friendly CBT for
Usability Conference Titles
Using 'Love Sense' and Science to Shape Megawatt C
Using Neurobiology to Help Young Clients Move from
Using Ruthless Compassion in Everyday Life
Walking the Walk: Cre0000
Walking the Walk: Creative Tools for Transforming
Walking the Walk: Creative Tools for Transforming
Werewolves: the Animal Within
What Disturbs Our Blood
What is This Thing Called Love?: A Guide to Psycho
What's a Supervisor or Manager to Do? Essential S
What Therapists Need to Know About the Polyvagal T
When Intimacy Feels Unsafe: Healing the Trauma Leg
When Words Are Not Enough: Impact Techniques, A Ne
Where Do I Start? An Individual Skill Building App
Why Would a Jungian Want to Study the Brain?
Wire for Love: A Psychobiological Approach to Coup
Working with Couples in Therapy: A practical skill
Working with Narrative in Emotion-Focused Therapy
Working With Narrative in Emotion-focused Therapy
World Suicide Prevention Day
XXVIII IASP World Congress: New Discoveries & Tech
XX World Family Therapy Congress - Couples Therapy
York Region Addiction and Mental Health Conference
“Narrative mornings with Oolagen” : a series of mo

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