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The Art of Communication: How to be authentic, lead others and create strong connections
Judy Apps
Capstone | Wiley / Hardcover / Apr 2019
9780857088079 (ISBN-10: 0857088076)
Communication / Work-related
price: $21.95 (may be subject to change)
208 pages
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Bring nuance, depth, and meaning to every conversation you have

The Art of Communicationis for anyone who senses that they could be communicating on a deeper level. Perhaps you are a confident communicator but suspect there may be more to the art of conversation that you have not yet been able to access. Or perhaps you feel that your conversations lack depth and meaning and that you’d like to enrich your relationships with others, if only you knew how. This book will address your concerns and show you how to engage wholeheartedly with others.

There’s more to conversation than just clear, rational thinking. Left-brain rationality is important, of course, but neuroscience increasingly shows that the right-brain skills of creativity, intuition and spontaneity are essential in good communication. In this guide, you’ll discover ways of tapping into the full conversational potential that lies dormant within you, adding a level of nuance and watching the result as your relationships blossom. You may even find that untapped value in the form of new insights, ideas and creative thoughts, emerges from your daily conversations.

• Access the more nuanced arts of conversation to create strong connections and tangible results
• Build cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural connections to communicate effectively with people from different backgrounds
• Activate your whole mind — not just your intellect — to bring creativity and depth to communication
• Learn to be open-hearted, spontaneous, vulnerable, intuitive, and captivating in every conversation you hold

From communication guru and bestselling author Judy Apps, The Art of Communication will show you how to breathe life into your relationships and produce powerful new thinking enabling you to transform the world you live in.

Table of Contents:

Introduction — Amazing Conversations

Prologue - Just Another Conversation

Memorable Conversations

Frisson of Connection

What is the art of communication?

The risks of spontaneity

Popularity of the Unpredictable

Stakes Too High

Conversations that aren’t real

Secret of whole-mind conversation

Opting for Control

Control rules

What is Control?

Being Thoroughly Prepared

Conventional Conversational Skills

Learned Spontaneity


Control Agendas

1. Looking Good

“Playing by the Rules” in social discourse

A Carefully Planned Spontaneous Speech

Acting a Professional or Expert Role

Android Boss

Deference Kills

Living the Role Too Well

Defending Self-image

2. Competing to Win

Winning Profit or Power

Winning the Argument

Surpassing in Status/Comparing

Conquering with Charisma

3. Pleasing and Appeasing

Pleasing People/Needing to be Liked

Put Others First

4. Presupposition Agendas

Root Cause of Agendas is Fear


Thinking About

Trying Too Hard

Inner Conflict

Stress and Physical Tension

No Way-out Through Control Error! Bookmark not defined

The Alternative World of Real Communication

Measurable and Unmeasurable Elements of Communication

At last — scientific proof

1. Use Both Hemispheres of the Brain
The different qualities of attention of the two separate hemispheres of the brain are highly relevant to different kinds of conversation. Neuroscientific advances of the past fifty years have greatly enriched our knowledge in this area

Different Ways of Viewing Life

Age-Old Wisdom and the Latest Neuroscience

Why Two Hemispheres?

Left Hemisphere

Right Hemisphere

The Right-Brain and Relationship

Whole Mind Thinking

Shutting the Stable Door After the Horse has Bolted

The Law of Unintended Consequences

Big Wisdom in the Little Things

2. Be an Awakener
You wake up body and mind. As you let go, your breath releases a well of energy. Your body relaxes and becomes free to move with economy and grace, at one with thought and intention. This in turn frees your voice to vibrate in harmony with other people. You are joyfully alive to others and show up authentically

Awaken your Life Energy

Famous Performers

What is the Life Force?

Access Through the Body

Alive and Un-Dead

Access your Life Energy

Different from Manic or Egotistical Energy

Alert And Relaxed

High Energy and Deep Relaxation

Aikido Practice - Unbendable Arm

Breathe for Energy and Flow

Breathing in Ancient Systems

Breathe like a Cat in Repose

Ha Energy Breathing

Breathing out to a Count

Energy Expresses Itself in Joy, and Joy Energises

The Piano Staircase

What Brings You Alive?

Awaken your Joyful Life Force

Let Go

Let Go Physically


Relax in Company

Free the Voice

Voice of Inner Resolve

The Mature Child

Relax into Movement

Find Your Balance

Find Grace in Movement

Andy Murray's Injury

Movement reveals your inner processes

Listening to Body Wisdom

3) Be Spontaneous in the Moment
You are attentive in the here and now, dancing spontaneously in the moment. Rather than consciously “noticing” and “focusing” you are awake to what is actually there in front of you, without your usual preconceptions, assumptions and internal chatter. This quality of attention, characteristic of right-brain thinking, radically affects the outcome of your conversation. 55

Be in the Now

Time and Space

No Fixed Plan

Pay Exquisite Attention

Awareness and Thinking are Not the Same Thing

Missing the Moment to Catch the Moment

Hearing and Seeing Accurately

Seeing Things Afresh

Always New

Seeing with New Eyes

Holding On to Curiosity

How to BE in the Now

Use your Peripheral Vision to Absorb the Whole

Tune up Your Five Senses

Practise Mindfulness

Deep Listening

4) Be Wholehearted
When you embrace your energy and go all-out to follow what you love, you communicate at a higher frequency that inspires and energises. True insight emerges when you keep your mind open in the uncertainty of 'not-knowing' instead of assuming you already know what people are like. You neither push solutions nor force an analytical approach, but connect with trust. This means having the courage to be vulnerable

The Real 100%

Life Force in Sport

Qualities of wholeheartedness

Be Happy to Not-know

Leaving the Door Ajar

Holding Back

Opening to Flow

Ways to Nurture Flow

Trust the heart — Allow Vulnerability

Vulnerability and Self-Protection in Music Mastery

Michelle Obama and Openness

Speaking Through Fear

Practise Trust

5) Call Forth Creativity and Intuition
When you allow intuition to emerge without stress or forcing, answers pop up spontaneously, ready made and complete from your deep well of holistic intelligence within — creative, generative and wholly appropriate. You, your ego, disappears and pure consciousness remains. 75

Imagination and Creativity

Ideas and Intuitions Pop Up Fully Formed


Happens When you're Looking the Other Way

Sparks of Inspiration in Conversation

The Right Soil for Blossoming

Creativity in the Air

Creative Conversation

Leaps of Understanding in the Haiku

Being Endlessly Naive and Delighted and Curious

Scientists at Play

Happy Mistakes in Science

Exquisite Art from Broken Parts

Awareness Arrives with the In-Breath

Intuition, your Other-than-Conscious mind

The Japanese Tsunami and Counter-Intuition

Recognising Intuition

How to Develop Intuition

Acting “As If”

Leave your Ego Outside and “Disappear”

Judith DeLosier's Active Dreaming Practice

6) Enjoy Communion and the Emergence of Something New
Awake and aware, vibrating in harmony with another human being, sometimes even in silence, you experience human communion at its most creative. Time slows; barriers dissolve and both of you lose your sense of a separate self in a phenomenon of generative human communion. Together, you give birth to something new and exciting

Connect — to Self and Others

Seeing Each Other

Touching and Hearing

A Man to do Business With

Love Energy

True Empathy

Know Thyself

Self Compassion Practice

The Best Help Ever

Being in the Space

Merging with Your Art

Communication is More Than Words

Stillness and Silence

Quietness in Song

Movement Within Stillness

Creativity in the Space

A Special Russian Meeting — Gorbachev again

The Big Picture

Enter into the Moment of Connection

It's all love

Supportive Nurse

Last Day of School

Beyond Words in Football

Love in business? You Must be Joking

Playing the Whole Keyboard

Creating change

Last words on the planet


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